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About us

RoosterSkier Brand Beard and Mustache Products                                     

RoosterSkier Brand beard and mustache products are an awesome lineup of Alaskan Tough and time tested hair and skin care products produced in the great state of Alaska.  We gather locally produced beeswax and tree saps and oils to blend into our other all natural,  mostly organic ingredients (how do you certify that a wild tree in Alaska is organic?).  

We produce:

  • Beard Oils
  • Beard Balms
  • Beard Waxes
  • Mustache Waxes
  • Solid Colognes
  • SunBloc Lip Balms
  • Hand and Joint Salves

100% of the proceeds will go to fund the  nonprofit outreach activites of Team Gimp Squad.   Team Gimp Squad focuses on outreach work in the disabled community.

RoosterSkier Beard and mustache products started over 10 years ago when I ran out of my favorite quality facial care products.  I have had some form of facial hair for the last 20 years or so, and it definitely needed to be tamed!  These care products were not widely available in the great state of Alaska, and mega online sales sites like Amazon had yet to carry anything of quality. So I needed to make my own in order to care for my furry face.  There were some basic recipes on the internet, and I went from there.  I have been perfecting my recipes from then on and came up with what we have today a bit over 2 years ago.  All my other versions worked great, but these recipes are top notch!  Everything is now handcrafted in Anchorage, Alaska using locally produced beeswax and extracts and oils from Alaskan trees and plants. These are blended with all natural and mostly organic butters and oils to come up with the best possible products for you facial hair and skin.


My name is Ira Edwards, and I was Paralyzed from the waist down in 2010 when I tree fell on me while I was clearing hazard trees from a ski trail after a big storm.  I spent a month in ICU (trees are really big and heavy) and then 3 months in Denver at Craig Hospital learning to live all over again.  My recovery was challenging at times, but I am back to rocking life again in Alaska!  I ski. A LOT!  And I ski on the brand with what looks like Roosters on them (they are really Nightengales, but who's to say...), so I chose the name RoosterSkier over a decade ago. In 2013, I started Team Gimp Squad.  I had received so much help in getting back to living life that it was time to start paying it forward again and helping others as much as possible.  I also have a good sense of humor and like to make light of my "gimp" status.


Team Gimp Squad has the primary goal of providing Inspiration and Hope though sport and the associated positive attitude that comes with it. Team Gimp Squad has helped to donate 8 Nordic Sit Skis to the Adaptive PE programs in the Anchorage School District, and I have another one available to loan out to those in need, be they newly injured athletes or friends with blown out ACLs from skiing or other such fun.  I have helped coordinate the donation of a used handcycle to another person in need.  I have visited and has one on one talks with many hospital inpatients in Alaska, Washington and Colorado, showing what is possible through determination and a positive, can do attitude.  I have also given many motivational talks on the positive power of sport helping to overcome adversity.  These talks have mostly been to kids and school groups in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Utah and Montana, but have also included the occasional sports groups and corporate speaking engagements.  


I have taken other disabled people out deep sea and river fishing for the bounty of Alaska, and proudly show off my "Gimp Squad" status while training and coaching DH, XC, and road handcycling in the summer.  In the winter, the focus shifts to training and coaching in Nordic and Alpine Sitskiing, all of this while wearing my custom "Team Gimp Squad" uniforms.  Team Gimp Squad is a team of one for now, but I'm always looking for other motivated and inspirational "Gimps" to spread the love and provide Inspiration and Hope though sport.


Your Purchase of RosterSkier Brand products supports this great cause, as 100% of the proceeds will be directed the nonprofit outreach activities of Team Gimp Squad project.  We thank you for your support and hope that you will spread the word about these great products.


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